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Registrasi Mister Photogenic Indonesia 2014 Periode 2

Registrasi Mister Photogenic Indonesia Periode 2 dibuka hingga tanggal 10 Oktober 2014

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IMP Presents Mister Photogenic Indonesia 2014 and Mr.Universal Ambassador 2015

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Rabu, 24 September 2014



Indonesia is one of the strongest country participating in the Number 1 Grandslam Male Pageant in the world, MISTER INTERNATIONAL. Always get spot as Semifinalist and reached its highest glory as 1st Runner Up last year, makes Indonesia is safe on the 4th best reputable country in this pageant. With an inspiring young guy from Bali, Indonesia is indeed promising to keep on its glory heading the 2014 MISTER INTERNATIONAL Pageant. In this special occasion, we are addressing you to read our official interview with Indonesian representative, Kevin Hendrawan delegated by L-Men (Nutrition For Men, a branded product of PT. NUTRIFOOD INDONESIA)

Get Closer :

Official Interview with Mister International Indonesia 2014

What is the biggest purpose in your life?
To be a successful person, so I can share my achievements and inspire people.

What is the best and worst experience in your childhood?
The best experience were joining competition and won those, while the worst was falling down when I was 9 months old and hurt myself.

How do you use your handsomeness in a positive way?
Handsomeness is a gift of God, which has to be incorporated with humbleness and being nice.I will use it to attract people to do positive things together, with a hope that people can go more positive as well with me. Being a role model is not only about good looking, but also about how you can respect others equally.

What makes you special?
I am special, because God makes me special. He gives me a wonderful life that I need to respect, and share the inspiration to others. God gives me a willingness to learn while staying humble, this is the thing that I embrace to most, because by learning, we are growing. And willingness to learn is one of the attitudes Mister International really needs.

Do you think that you are a role model for the people arround you? Why?
I do think I am a role model, because I always take my time effectively, I learned a lot, I’ve been trying to achieve many things, and I hope people get inspired by what I’ve achieved. I will keep on making other positive achievements, so that people will know, that Indonesia is a strong country to count.

As a man, how do you change every single crisis into an opportunity?
A smart man will always change crisis into an opportunity. By giving a little time to think, stay positive, analyze, I believe we can make it happen.

What makes you angry?
I am angry when I see something goes wrong, and to see people enjoy being in a chaos. I also don’t like when people start to compare each other and make fun of it, because I always believe that everyone is created equally, and we don’t deserve to judge others and even worse, make fun of it.

What should we do to make you happy?
Personally, I am very happy to see people supporting each other, instead of comparing and bullying others. I am also very happy to see Indonesia grows strong, be the number one country in the world.

Do you believe that being a man is very lucky? Why?
Yes I do believe, having a responsibility to be the leader of the family, to lead a family into a better future is one of the best luck ever.

 Tell us about your familiy life and how they motivate you to be inspiring?
My family always supports me in everything I do, by giving me a total opportunity for me to learn, supports me by giving me experience when I was a kid. They always believe that becoming a successful man takes a time and attitude, so  I can say that my family is the best family ever!

Mention 5 most important things in your life!
God, Family, study, attitude, success.

Why should men have a good physique?
A man should have a good physique, so that He can be responsible for his family, becoming the leader means becoming the role model, so you always have to be in a good way of life. Having a good physique doesn’t mean having sixpack and muscular body. By taking care of your health, do sports routinely, taking a good rest, it means you are doing a healthy lifestyle. It all comes back to respect God who gives us life.

Please tell us about your healthy lifestyle?
My healthy lifestyle is simple, do things that a human being must do to reach a longevity in life. Mind your nutrition, sports routinely, 8 hours of sleep. That’s all.

How would you inspire other people to have a healthy lifestyle?
It is so simple, I will inspire them is by showing to the people that I am healthy, and by having this healthy body, I can achieve many things in life, because everything starts from within.

What do you think about people who take steroid to achieve their physique? That’s not the part of healthy lifestyle, I don’t think it is a good decision to take it. A BIG NO. I and some others have proven that good physique can be obtained by practising a healthy lifestyle without steroid. Why risk our future by using steroids?

What makes you proud of your country?
I am very proud of my country because my country is beautiful, Indonesia is a hidden heaven that I must spread these beauty to the world. And not only the beauty of its nature, but also the culture and the custom of our people that makes us VERY SPECIAL. Because I believe that you will never ever find a people as polite as Indonesian!! Attitude is everything for me, sometimes it all that matters.

What is the biggest problem in your country and how do you contribute to overcome that problem? Corruption, we can always contribute my waking up their mind, choosing the right people to lead showing positive and negative sides of an action, and showing them achievements, and show that INDONESIA is strong!

If you win this pageant, what would you do for your country?
By winning this mister International, I’ve already shown to the people that Indonesia is a strong country, Indonesia can never be underestimated, so I want Indonesian to wake up and fight! Because when we believe, there is nothing is impossible.

What motivates you to join the 2014 MISTER INTERNATIONAL Pageant?
I wan to show to the world that Indonesia and its people are capable of doing something great.

How is your preparation toward this pageant this October in Korea?
As good as it can be. Public speaking class, modelling class, cross cultural and manner education, mental preparation, but above all… Keeping faith is what matters the most.

What do you think about “sash factor” in male pageants?
What I need to do is only doing my best, the best as I can be, and I don’t think about such a thing. My faith will win me.

If you were to win the pageant and were awarded US$ 1 Million, how would you spend that money?
Invest, Generates business, by having a big income, you can help more people. The biggest help in charity comes from the richest people in the world.

What is your expected placement in this pageant: Winner/Top 6/Top 10/Top 15?
Once I join competition, there is no choice instead of being the WINNER. This is not a personal matter, here, I stand as PROUD INDONESIAN.

Please convince us that you are a strong contender for the MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2014 Title!
I am a passionate learner with a humble attitude, and I believe I will do many good things with such trait as Mister International. This competition is not a bodybuilding, or just a modelling competition. Mister International has a deeper meaning of having someone who is Distinctively Handsome, so not only physical things are assessed, but more to attitude and dignity as a human being. And I always believe that I am the one to be.

Thanks to : 

Kevin Hendrawan 
Mister Singapore Organization 
PT. Nutrifood Indonesia

Jumat, 19 September 2014



IMP Organization, a part of LPP Duta Bangsa as an officially registered foundation in Indonesia to organize the first edition of MR.UNIVERSAL AMBASSADOR Pageant. This new male pageant will be held in Bali, Indonesia in September 15, 2015. The creator of this event Edin Muhammad is pleased to invite you to be part of this great event and join bonds of friendship, social activity, culture diversity, sport challenge and other strategic youth affairs.

Our organization is the owner of MISTER PHOTOGENIC INDONESIA Pageant, also works by sending national delegations of Indonesia to international events such as Mister Global in Thailand, Mister Model International in Dominican Republic and also Mister Asian International in Singapore. Wa are also widely integrated with the young generation as ASEAN Community 2015 endorser.

The main objectives of this breaktrough grandiose male contest is to discover an impressive men with bright brain who can encourage the youth affairs such as healthy life style, education and life skills. In this event we hope to have the participation of 40 candidates from 40 countries. An eligible men should be from 18 to 30 years of age and well-know to have good reputation as youth in their country. Date of the event: September 6-16 2015. Date of arrival September 6, departure date September 16.

During the 10 days delegates in our country will participate in different events and activities such as : photo session, autograph signing, press conference & media visit, adventuring the bali tremendous landscape, sport challenge, presenting paper which can convince young generations to do healthy life style (micro – group teaching), fashion Show, diversity night, auction gift night, gala dinner with luminary people of Bali, and witnessing many Balinese events.

We believe that an impressive men with bright brain will have a big potential power to convince the young generation and the public to do healthy lifestyle, more considering the importance of education and enhancing one’s creativity.

Based on that fact, we will chose the contestant as the winner with following criteria:

  1. Wonderful personality
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Able to influence the young generation by delivering confident speech
  4. Possesing creative mindset to inspire the people
  5. Intelligence
  6. Phisic : Athletic (not a body builder)
  7. Photogenic
The winner of this event will be addressed to have activities both in entertainment (modeling & TV Show) and world youth affairs such as promoting healty lifestyle, education and economic creativity for youth. We do hope that you can find the mission of this new tremendous Male Pageant and participate to represent your country.
Thank you for being part of this great event.


Challenge Events :

Pre-Eliminary Competition :

 Final Night :

 For franchise information, please contact :


Kamis, 18 September 2014


( 1 - 10 OKTOBER 2014 )
( Apabila ada kesulitan dalam mendownload form, silahkan hubungi 089678270914 / )

Mister Photgenic Indonesia 2014 atau yang disingkat MPI 2014 ialah ajang pencarian Icon generasi muda untuk diarahkan menjadi Brand Ambassador organisasi yang nantinya menjadi salah satu subjek utama untuk turut membantu pemerintah dalam mengkampanyekan ASEAN Community 2015. Event ini bersifat kombinasi Virtual – Real. Artinya, seorang Juara akan ditentukan dari beberapa tahapan kompetisi baik di social media maupun secara langsung tatap muka. Jika memenuhi standar internasional, maka Juara pada event ini akan mewakili Indonesia ke ajang MISTER ASIAN INTERNATIONAL 2015 di Thailand.

Bagaimana tahapan seleksi, tempat, dan waktu pelaksanaannya ?
Bagaiamana Persyaratan Untuk bisa menjadi peserta ? 
  • Pria Warga Negara Indonesia (WNI)
  • Usia 18 - 35 Tahun (dibuktikan dengan scan KTP)
  • Tinggi badan minimal 165 cm
  • Kemampuan Berkomunikasi yang baik
  • Berpenampilan dan Berkepribadian menarik
  • Memiliki badan proporsional menjadi poin tambahan
  • Memiliki akun Facebook asli (disarankan memiliki akun Twitter dan Instagram)
  • Bersedia mengikuti semua tahapan seleksi jika lolos sebagai Grandfinalist
  • Memahami konsep Pasar Bebas ASEAN / ASEAN Community 2015 menjadi poin tambahan (untuk babak Grandfinal)
  • Melakukan pembayaran registrasi IDR 150.000 (Seratus Lima Puluh Ribu Rupiah) (Peserta yang tidak lolos Pre-Eliminary 50 Besar akan mendapatkan Voucher Belanja dari Sponsor IMP)
Apa Saja Hak-Hak Peserta ?
Berikut merupakan hak-hak peserta yang bisa didapatkan dari event ini :

Juara pada event ini akan mewakili Indonesia ke ajang MISTER ASIAN INTERNATIONAL 2015 di Thailand, berpotensi menjadi Brand Ambassador Produk Fashion dari designer ternama jika ada kesesuaian dengan tipe / style produk nya, Trophy dari Kementrian terkait, Sash sebagai MISTER PHOTOGENIC INDONESIA 2014, Sertifikat, Fresh Money, Voucher Belanja, Produk Sponsor, Voucher mengikuti pelatihan Public Speaking, serta Special Evening wear dari Fashion Designer Adi Mulyadi.

Runner Up 1, 2, 3, 4
Para Runner Up juga berkesempatan mewakili Indonesia ke ajang Internasional lainnya, mendapatkan Medali dari kementerian terkait, Sash sebagai Runner Up, Sertifikat, Voucher Belanja, dan Produk Sponsor 

Top 10 Grandfinalist 
Sash sebagai Grandfinalist, Sertifikat, Voucher Belanja, dan Produk dari Sponsor 

Top 20 Semifinalist
Sertifikat sebagai Semifinalist, Voucher belanja

Top 50 Quarterfinalist 
Sertifikat sebagai Octofinalist, Voucher belanja

Peserta yang tidak lolos Top 50 
Sertifikat sebagai Peserta, Voucher belanja

Bagaimana mekanisme penilaian ajang ini ?
Tahap awal : 
Peserta melakukan Registrasi ke email IMP

Tahap Pre-Eliminary : 
Tim IMP Organization akan memilih 50 hasil foto terbaik untuk masuk Quarter Finalist (Top 50)

Babak Top 50 : 
Peserta yang masuk ke babak Top 50 akan mendapatkan Challenge berupa mengumpulkan foto dengan tema “I LOVE INDONESIA”. tim Juri akan memilih 20 foto terbaik untuk masuk dalam babak Top 20 ( Semifinalist )

Babak Top 20 : 
Peserta yang masuk ke babak Top 20 akan mendapatkan Challenge berupa mengumpulkan foto dengan tema “IM READY FOR WELCOMING ASEAN COMMUNITY 2015”. Tim Juri ditambah dengan hasil voting fans melalui fanspage IMP akan masuk ke babak Top 10, sedangkan peraih voting tertinggi di babak Top 20 otomatis lolos ke Top 10 (Grandfinalist )

Babak Top 10 : 
Peserta yang masuk ke Top 10 direncanakan untuk mengikuti karantina di Denpasar, Bali selama beberapa hari, Selama event karantina dan Grand final, 10 Grandfinalists akan mendapatkan beberapa challange diantaranya : 
Photoshoot, Standing Speech, Interview

Bagaimana Alur Registrasi untuk mengikuti ajang ini ?

  • Peserta melakukan pembayaran registrasi senilai IDR 150.000 (Seratus Lima Puluh Ribu Rupiah) ke Rekening Bendahara Umum IMP Organization, Bank Mandiri dengan nomor rekening 1410013371786 atas nama Raka Wicaksana  (Struck transfer harap disimpan dan di scan untuk disertakan di dalam email)
  • Siapkan 3 (TIGA) Foto meliputi : Foto Candid (Tidak di edit, Seluruh badan), Foto Formal Wear, dan Foto Casual Wear.
  • Siapkan Scan KTP dan lengkapi formulir pendaftaran (formulir pendaftaran dapat di download di <SINI> atau di <SINI> atau di website sebagai official media partner, atau dapat meminta langsung ke Tim panitia melalui email ) 
Kirim scan struck bukti registrasi, Persyaratan Foto, Scan KTP, dan Formulir Registrasi tersebut ke email resmi IMP : imp.organization@gmail.comSubjek Email : MPI2014 (Total semua file harap di atur tidak melebihi 2MB agar tidak masuk ke folder Spam. Panitia akan menerima registrasi hingga 10 OKTOBER 2014 Pukul 23.59 WIB

Berikut contoh foto-foto yang dimaksud :
Model : Andy Mukti - Mister Global Indonesia 2014

CATATAN : Foto yang dikirimkan ke email IMP TIDAK DIJADIKAN SATU FILE, melainkan di pisah menjadi 3 file berbeda
Lokasi Grandfinal:
Bhumiku Ballroom, Denpasar - Bali

Jimmy S | 08174748822 - 081239439911
Wahyu Abdi |081274593101
Feri Siswanto |  085648807701
Raka Wicaksana | 089678270914

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